Iaconis Fusco, LLP strives to provide its clients with the highest quality legal representation in a cost-effective manner with an eye toward resolutions that meet and exceed our clients’ needs. We appreciate that each client has different goals, and we tailor our approach to every case to meet our clients’ individualized objectives.

Why work with us
We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We listen to our clients’ wants and needs, use sound judgment, put forth exceptional written work, and advocate zealously.  

We are detail-oriented, thorough, energetic and savvy trial attorneys with extensive experience handling all aspects of litigation from inception to appeal. Our proactive, pragmatic, and professional approach to our cases sets us apart in our field.

Iaconis Fusco, LLP employs a unique blend of experience, knowledge, and skill to effectively steer its cases through to resolution. We have handled a litany of civil cases and aggressively pursue our clients’ interests. Our experienced lawyers collaborate on each case, in an effort to give your case the comprehensive attention it deserves.

Meaningful communication with our clients is an essential element of our practice. To this end, we are always accessible and maintain frequent, consistent contact with our clients, keeping them apprised regarding any new developments pertaining to their cases.